Energy system transformation strategy

Minneapolis is working to reduce carbon emissions by diversifying energy production

Carbon neutral cities alliance

Alliance strategy

Minneapolis is one of 20 cities participating in the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA), a collaboration of international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals.

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CNCA provided funding in 2016 for:

  • The cities of Minneapolis, MN and Boulder, CO, and Seattle, WA to hire Integral Group
  • The Integral Group helped these cities develop step-by-step strategies to transition towards zero-emission, resilient, equitable, and decentralized energy systems.
  • The final product, the CNCA Energy System Transformation Playbook was developed. It is being used as a guide for Minneapolis and other cities to achieve at least 80% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050.

Read the CNCA Energy System Transformation Playbook

Minneapolis strategy

In Minneapolis, the Lower North Loop was used as a test neighborhood for the Playbook. The Strategy should be viewed as an example analysis of what it would take for a neighborhood in Minneapolis to eliminate GHG emissions from its energy system (i.e. decarbonize), both in terms of the types of actions and the scale of effort required. The Strategy has not been adopted by the City as official policy and is included for illustrative purposes only.

Lower North Loop Energy System Transformation Strategy

The Strategy includes an analysis of and resulting strategies and actions for the three urban systems that comprise a city’s energy system:

  • Energy Supply, including both grid-supplied and smaller on-site or district-scale energy sources;
  • Buildings, including both new construction and existing buildings, and;
  • Transportation, including the reduction of fossil fuel-based automotive modes of transportation and the support of alternative means, such as cycling, walking, and public transit

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