Census videos

This page links to informative videos highlighting Minneapolis's projected undercounted communities for the 2020 Census.



These eight videos, including a 30 second PSA, feature prominent community members sharing the importance of completing the 2020 Census. Please view and use these videos as a tool to increase awareness and educate our community members about the critical impact the census has on many of our communities. Featured in these videos are V.J Smith of MAD DADS, Little Earth of United Tribes resident Cassandra Holmes, Midtown Phillips resident Ser Lee, community leader Abdirizak Bihi, COPAL community organizer Rico Duran, Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program director Bosteya Jama, and Nadia Najaro Smith, a Spanish certified court interpreter. 

We Count Minneapolis: Nadia

We Count Minneapolis: Cassandra

We Count Minneapolis: Ser

We Count Minneapolis: Bosteya

We Count Minneapolis: Rico

We Count Minneapolis: Abdirizak

We Count Minneapolis: V.J.

We Count Minneapolis PSA