Hydrant flushing

We flush water hydrants to maintain water quality.

We flush water hydrants on a regular basis to

  • Help maintain good water quality
  • Verify the hydrants are in working order

Things to avoid when we are flushing hydrants in your area

  • Using hot water, because this could draw sediment into your tank
  • Running a tap that has a filter on it
  • Doing laundry, especially light colors
  • Letting children get too close to our work area

Your water may discolor when we flush a nearby hydrant

  • This happens because the flushing process stirs up mineral deposits inside the pipe.
  • We can't predict if your water will discolor.
  • It is safe to drink discolored water.

Discolored water should clear up in a few hours

  • Check it hourly by running the cold water tap located in the lowest point in your home. Run it for two to three minutes each time.
  • Once the water runs clear, flush the pipes in your home by running all cold water taps for a few minutes.

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