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Request a Speed Display Trailer be placed on a street in your neighborhood.

Informing drivers of their current speed may reduce speeds and improve safety. The Speed Display Trailer can give you an accurate measure of how fast drivers are going through your neighborhood.

Before you begin

  • Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • You must provide an email address.
  • When you submit the form you will receive an email confirming your request.
  • The email will have the case number and an expected completion date for your request.

Note: Speed Trailer Requests are only taken from mid-April to November. 

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  • Speed Display Trailers are typically placed in areas where they do not affect traffic or parking
  • Parking restrictions, seal coating, snow emergencies, narrow streets, street sweeping, and rush hour zones may limit the ability to place the Speed Display Trailers
  • Speed Display Trailers may be placed for up to one week
  • Speed Display Trailers do not capture or transmit data
  • If a Speed Display Trailer is desired on a parkway, contact the Minneapolis Park Board at 612-230-6400

Next steps

  • Minneapolis Traffic and Parking Services will schedule a Speed Display Trailer within 5 days of your request.
  • Amount of time until request is fulfilled varies depending on schedule and availability.
  • The City reserves the right to change the schedule at any time.

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