Bonfires and fireworks

We require a special event permit for bonfires, open flames and fireworks.



A large but controlled outdoor fire, intended as part of a celebration.


  • Contain gunpowder and other combustible chemicals
  • Cause a spectacular explosion when ignited

Open flames or candles

Open flames or candles indoors at events also require a permit.

fireworks in Minneapolis


We require a special event permit for the following:

  • Bonfires
  • Fireworks displays indoors and outdoors
  • Open flames or candles indoors

Bonfires, candles and fireworks must meet the requirements of the Minnesota State Fire Code:

Disability access

The following must comply with Chapter 1341 of the Minnesota State Building Code:

  • Accessibility
  • Parking
  • Seating
  • Signs
  • Ingress and egress for people with disabilities

Read Minnesota State Building Code Chapter 1341


Submit your application

Submit applications to the Fire Inspections Division of Regulatory Services

Fireworks safety

Read about Fireworks safety


Report complaints about bonfires or fireworks

Get help

You can meet with a Development Review customer service representative about bonfire requirements.

See how to get help at the City of Minneapolis Service Center


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