Residential block events

We require a permit for any event that closes a residential street or alley.


Dates and hours 

Let us know the date of your event on the application. If the weather is bad, you may continue the next day due to rain. 

You may close your street from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. This includes setup and clean up time.

Street closure

You must block both ends of the street. This includes the placement, maintenance, and removal of the barricades. Public works will deliver barricades at no charge.

You must have a ten-foot aisle open for emergency vehicles. This is for the entire block.

Resident approval

75% of the residents on the block must approve your event. 


If you use amplifying equipment, you must have an outdoor sound permit. 

Disability access

The following must comply with Chapter 1341 of the Minnesota State Building Code:

  • Accessibility
  • Parking
  • Seating
  • Signs
  • Ingress and egress for people with disabilities

Read Minnesota State Building Code Chapter 1341


You must clean up the entire area and throw away all garbage. If the area is not cleaned within three hours, the city may charge you the cost of cleanup.  


The application for a residential block event permit is online.

Apply for a Block Event Permit


Fees for residential block events are listed below.  

FeeDays prior to event date
$25  35 or more
$40 22 to 34
$60 15 to 21
$160 7 to 14
$200 4 business days or 6 calendar days

Application denial

The City will not approve an application for any event that:

  • Would be too close to construction, hospitals or fire stations
  • Conflicts with another scheduled event
  • Would be on a major street, such as an emergency route

Get help

You can meet with a customer service representative about block event requirements. 

See how to get help at the City of Minneapolis Service Center 

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