Regulated Backflow Assembly and Testable Backflow Assembly program

Information on the Regulated Backflow Assembly and Testable Backflow Assembly program in the City of Minneapolis.

Per State of Minnesota Statute 4714, an approved backflow preventer assembly/device is required to be installed on an equipment connecting to potable water in order to protect our potable water supplies from contamination in an event of reduced water pressure which may allow contaminated water to backflow into our water system. There are two types of backflow device; testable and non-testable and the equipment/system it serves determines what type of backflow device  is required.

A Regulated Backflow Assembly (RBA) is a testable backflow preventer assembly/device which is required by State of Minnesota Plumbing Code 4714.603.5.23 to be tested after installation and at least annually thereafter.  Annual testing of these devices in the City of Minneapolis is monitored by Regulated Backflow Assembly (RBA) Program .

Testing requirement for non-Reduced Pressure (RP) devices became effective for installations made on or after January 23, 2016.  Existing devices prior to this date do not require annual testing.

Get the facts: requirements and responsibilities

This handout is a good source of information for plumbing contractors, testers and property owners regarding RBAs.

Credentials requirements

  • Installation, replacement, relocation removal requires City of Minneapolis plumbing contractor license
  • Rebuild requires State of MN Rebuilder Certificate and City of Minneapolis plumbing contractor license
  • Test requires State of MN tester certificate

Visit Minnesota Department of Labor and industry for backflow prevention certification information.

Submit test report for RBA within 2 weeks of completion of test

It is the responsibility of the company performing any RBA related work to complete and submit a RBA Test Report  with appropriate payment to the City within two weeks of work completion.

Non-testable backflow device installation permit application is submitted on a Plumbing Permit Application .

RBA license fees

  • Test and Rebuild - $41.40 per device (no surcharge required)
  • Install, Replace, Relocate, Removal – $42.40 (State Surcharge included), per device.

Display the RBA maintenance record/tag on the device

The contractor installing RBA is required to complete the appropriate new RBA maintenance record /tag and affix  it on or near the device upon installation.  The tester/rebuilder shall complete the maintenance record with test results, and name and signature, State certificate number and date of test or rebuild.  Contractor may use their own version and must have the same information as the City's form.

RBA inspection is required  for installation, replacement, relocation and removal

The plumbing contractor is required to schedule an inspection by calling the plumbing inspector whose name is on the RBA license as soon as it is received.

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