Document upload rules

ProjectDox has rules for how you to prepare and upload plans and documents.

How to prepare and upload

  • All plan sheets must be uploaded into the drawings folder
  • Prepare each plan sheet as a PDF file.
  • You must include signatures on professionally-drawn plan sheets with signature lines.
  • Each plan sheet should be named with the page number and title from that specific sheet.
    • An example of an acceptable plan sheet name would be A1 First Floor Plan.
    • You should not include any customer names or addresses in the file name, as there is a character limit.
  • Upload each individual plan sheet into the system in the most legible direction.

When preparing documents, do not 

  • Include references, such as Not For Construction or Preliminary.
  • Put signature lines and other information in the top right corner of your plan sheet. The approval stamp goes there.


After you upload your plans

  • We do a preliminary review to confirm that your plan sheets meet the standards.

  • We'll return plan sheets that do not meet the standards and you'll have to redo them.


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