Building permits

Information about building permits licensed by the City of Minneapolis.


  • Many projects require more than one permit. To determine which permits you need for your project, contact Minneapolis 311.
  • Building permit fees are based upon the valuation of the job including labor and materials.

A building permit is required:

  • For all work not specifically exempt from the building code. This applies to residents, contractors, and commercial owners. Even if you are a homeowner, you need a permit to work on your own home.  For a listing of work that is exempt from permit see Work that does not need a permit.
  • When work is structural in nature, such as adding or replacing:
    • Beams
    • Posts
    • Joists
    • Rafters

When a building permit is issued, at least one inspection is required before the work can be approved. First, make sure that the project is ready for inspection before you call for an appointment (see When to Call for Inspections ). If you are using a contractor, they will schedule the inspection. If you are not using a contractor, you or a person 18 years of age or older must be at the property during the inspection.

Building Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for Garages

Building Permit - Application Form

Permit requirements (Spanish)

Projects that require a building permit

Licensing requirements

As an owner of a property, you can apply for a building permit for work that you intend to do yourself. You do not need a license but you will be required to show a valid photo id.

As an owner of property you must hold a valid State of Minnesota Residential Building Contractor License or Residential Remodeler License if you build or improve more than one property within any 24-month period.

A contractor must hold either a Residential Specialty Contractor  License or one of the following State of Minnesota licenses to receive a building permit for residential construction.

  • Residential Building Contractor License
  • Residential Remodeler License
  • Residential Roofer

Note for contractors

The contractor must provide proof of licensure at the time they apply for a permit.

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