Vacant Building Registration

The Vacant Building Registration program tracks, monitors, and manages vacant properties in the City of Minneapolis.

Vacant Building Registration program

The VBR program was created to ensure that vacant property remains secure and properly maintained. It also helps cover some of the City’s costs related to properties that are not being maintained.

Owners of vacant properties must register and pay an annual fee. The VBR fee is due at the time of registration and each year on the anniversary date of being found vacant. That date can be found on the City’s Property Information website. This fee may be adjusted annually.


All buildings (including commercial properties) may qualify for the Vacant Building Registration Program. Properties that have one or more of the following conditions may be required to register as vacant:

  • Condemned requiring a code compliance inspection
  • Unoccupied and unsecured for five days or more
  • Unoccupied and secured by means other than those normally used in the design of the building for 30 days or more
  • Unoccupied with multiple housing maintenance, fire or building code violations existing for 30 days or more
  • Unoccupied more than 365 days with an order having been issued to correct a nuisance condition pursuant to section 227.90
  • A vacant commercial or residential building or structure which is unable to receive a certificate of occupancy due to work stoppage or expired permits

Commercial Vacant Building Registration

Commercial VBR properties are identified using the same criteria above. In addition, vacant commercial properties may appeal the designation by filing a formal appeal with Inspections Services. The appeal is then referred to the Nuisance Condition Process Review Panel for a decision.

List of vacant properties

We maintain a list vacant and condemned properties across the city.

Restoration agreements

To encourage the rehabilitation of buildings that qualify for the VBR program, a VBR fee may be held for six months as long as the property owner is rehabbing the property and meeting other conditions in a Restoration Agreement (RA).

Restoration Agreements may be an option if the property has been in the VBR program for less than three months, or if it's been less than three months since the property's anniversary date.

Winterization of condemned properties

Properties that are condemned for boards must be winterized. This includes disconnecting gas, shutting off electric power, and draining plumbing fixtures and water pipes. The City may also direct Public Works to shut off water service at the stop box and drop the meter. Condemned properties that are not winterized by the owner may be winterized by an authorized city contractor. The owner of record will be notified before the winterization and the cost of this winterization will be applied as a special assessment to the property tax.

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