The City condemns buildings that are unsafe to live in.

Condemnation process

Once a building is condemned, the owner must prove that problems have been fixed before anyone can live in or use the building. In most cases, you must go through a code compliance process.

Condemned buildings usually meet the criteria for the Vacant Building Registration program, and the owner will be required to register the property and pay all associated vacant building fees before permits will be issued.

A building may be condemned when:

  • It is vacant and boarded for more than 60 days
  • It is determined to be unsafe after an inspector cites specific hazards
  • It is dilapidated; no specific hazards are cited but the inspector has assigned the property a score by ordinance qualifying it for condemnation
  • Utilities have been discontinued
  • There is a housing hygiene problem

In rare situations, an individual dwelling unit in a multi-unit building may be condemned if it does not endanger the remaining structure.

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