Boarded buildings

The City of Minneapolis has specific regulations for boarded buildings.

Common reasons for boarding

Vacant & open to trespass

A vacant building that is not secure is a danger to the neighborhood because it invites squatters, can be a fire hazard, and is a danger to children. Boards help prevent these hazards.

Owner choice

Owner is not choosing to occupy the building at the moment, and chooses to use boards to keep it secure.

Police or fire action

Police board-ups are generally done when there has been a raid on a property and the building is now vacant, or if the police have observed unsafe activities in a vacant building. The police will also have buildings boarded after fires. This keeps the building secure.

Vacant boarded buildings

City ordinance allows any building to be boarded for 60 days without penalty. After 60 days, if the owner has not removed the boards or a building permit been issued to rehab the building, the building may be placed on the Vacant Building Registration list.

A building on the Vacant Building Registration list, if it is condemned, may require a Code Compliance inspection before any rehab work can begin. In addition, buildings on the Vacant Building Registration list may be subject to teardown by Inspections as a nuisance condition.

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