Residential Uses

You can read about the residential uses for some of Minneapolis's historic landmarks.


Single Family

Cutter, B.O. House

Hinkle, William H., House

Cattanach, Donald, House

Franklin, Benjamin and Cora, House

Brooberg, Frank and Karen, Residence

Backus, Charles T., House

Coe, Amos B. House

Concrete Block House #2

Concrete Block House #3

Concrete Block House #5

Concrete Block House #7

Concrete Block House #4

Chadwick Cottages

Olson, Floyd B., House

Menage, Louis, Cottage

Concrete Block House #8

Concrete Block House #9

Smith, Lena O. House

Hafstad, Jacob, House

Willey, Malcolm, House

Wirth, Theodore, House

Gluek, John G., House & Carriage House

Neils, Henry, House

Friedell, Aaron and Naomi, House

Carpenter, Eugene J., House

Carpenter, Elbert L., House

Bovey, Charles C., House

Lind, John, House

Parker, Charles and Grace, House

Baker-Emerson House

Case-Lang House

Lohmar, John, House

Hewitt, Edwin H., House

Semple, Anne C. and Frank B., House

Wakefield, Lyman E., House

Nott, William S., House

Long, Frank B., House

Smith, Alden H., House

Groves, Frank M., House

Walling, Benjamin B., House

Keyes, Charles Frederick, House

Purcell, William Gray, House

Newell, George R., House

Van Dusen, George W., Mansion

Martin, Charles J., House

Winton, C., House

Owre, Dr. Oscar, House

Beard, Harrington, House

Jones, Harry W., House

Legg, Harry F., House

Harrington, Charles M., House

Turnblad, Swan, House

Kaufmann, V.M.S., House

Morse, Elisha, House

Bardwell-Ferrant House

Fournier House

Prescott, Philander, House

Garlick-Magney House

Deinard Residence

Bennett-McBride House

Anson Brooks Mansion

Sumner T. McKnight Mansion

Arthur and Edith Lee House

Multiple Family Dwellings

Ogden Apartment Hotel

West Fifteenth Street Rowhouses

Widstrom, John A., Tenement

Concrete Block Rowhouse

Swinford Townhouses/Apartments

Moorsih Mansion Apartments

Lein, P.W., Duplex

Florence Court

Melrose Flats

Crowell Block

Oakland Apartments

Mayhew Rowhouses

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