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Scoot around Minneapolis

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How to ride a scooter in the City of Minneapolis

Drawing of helmet
Always wear a helmet.
Scooter yielding to pedestrians
Always ride in the bike lane or with traffic.
Scooter riders in roadway
It is illegal to ride a scooter on the sidewalk.

How to park a scooter in Minneapolis

Drawing of City poles and bike rack
Lock your scooter to a City sign pole or bike rack
Scooter lock image
Bird and Lyft scooters have locks
Do not park scooters to private property
Do not leave scooters in the street or on private property

Scooter availability

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2019 Scooter pilot data

From May to November of 2019, the City of Minneapolis permitted a scooter pilot with up to 2,500 scooters available for shared use throughout Minneapolis. Over 150,000 people took over 1 million trips during the pilot period. During the pilot, data was collected to analyze usage including number of trips, duration, distance traveled, and trip start and end points. This data set can be found on the City’s Open Data Portal (link to scooter data).

A survey was conducted during the pilot by scooter companies on behalf of the City to understand user demographics and behavior, with over 2,000 respondents. View the summarized results.

Read more about our approach to mobility data, collection and analysis.

How do I rent a scooter?
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How do I ride a scooter in Minneapolis?
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Where can people park scooters in Minneapolis?
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How do I notify someone that a scooter has been knocked over, obstructing the sidewalk, or otherwise creating a nuisance or hazard?
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What are shared motorized foot scooters?
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Are motorized foot scooters legal in Minnesota?
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Who are the companies that are operating shared motorized foot scooters in Minneapolis?
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What is the City of Minneapolis’ regulatory approach to scooter rentals?
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How will the City enforce parking and riding regulations?
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How many scooters are in Minneapolis?
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What is the service area?
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Can I move a scooter if I don't intend to use it?
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Scooter Issues

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