Driving safely around bicyclists

In a city with thousands of bicyclists, it is important to look for bikes.

You’ve probably noticed more and more people on bicycles around Minneapolis. From 2007-2014 the number of trips made by bicycle in Minneapolis increased 73%. While bicycles are relatively new to our modern streets, all road users need to know how to safely share the road with bicyclists. When driving your car or truck, it is important to look for bicyclist, especially when preparing for a turn.

Failing to look for bicyclists before turning is illegal and unsafe. Forty percent of bicycle crashes in Minneapolis involve a driver failing to see or yield to a bicyclist. Please expect bicyclists on Minneapolis streets and be careful when turning.

Do you know how to turn across a bike lane?

Minnesota State Statute states that you must yield to approaching bicyclists before merging into and turning across the bike lane (MN State Statue 169.19). The City of Minneapolis has added dashed lines to bike lanes to facilitate this maneuver near intersections. You would never merge into an adjacent travel lane without looking and yielding to approaching vehicles. Please remember to do the same for bike lanes and bicyclists.

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