Hennepin-Lyndale reconstruction

The project will reconstruct portions of Hennepin and Lyndale Aves including concrete paving, grading, curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps, striping, lighting and storm sewer.

Project status




The Hennepin/Lyndale Avenue corridor provides an important north-south linkage for automobiles and transit service between the Minneapolis Central Business District (CBD) and the Uptown area at Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street, one of the city’s most dense housing and entertainment districts.  This project is on sections of Hennepin Ave and Lyndale Ave between Franklin Ave and Dunwoody Boulevard.  These streets were originally constructed more than 50 years ago and are in need of replacement.

Project details

Construction start date

Construction began on April 4, 2016.

Project duration

The project is scheduled to be complete and fully open to traffic in December. Final cleanup and landscaping will occur in the spring of 2017.

Traffic impact

Until mid-summer, the two outside lanes in both the north and south directions will be open to traffic and the remaining (inside) lanes will be under construction.
From mid-summer to December, the two inside lanes will be open to traffic and the remaining outside lanes will be under construction.
There may also be intermittent intersection closures.

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Learn more at the official Hennepin Lyndale project website.


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