Como Stormwater Tunnel improvements

The City improved the Como Stormwater Tunnel in 2017.

Project status


Project description

The Como Drainage Tunnel System has produced geysers 30-35 feet high through drill holes along Como Ave due to rapid pressurization of the tunnel during large rain events. These geysers potentially undermine the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in the area. This project seeks to increase the size of these drill holes to help safely diffuse pressure in the tunnel.

Project limits

The work will be confined to the intersections of Como Ave and 19th Ave, 20th Ave, 21st Ave, 22nd Ave, 23rd Ave, and 24th Ave.

Traffic impact

There will be a traffic control plan in place to help minimize the impact of construction in the area. Partial closure of each of the intersections will occur during the project. Traffic traveling North will be impeded at each intersection.


High pressure during a heavy rainstorm produced this storm sewer geyser along Summit Ave in St. Paul, MN in May 2017.

Source: Matthew Brenengen Watch the video here.


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