Burnham Road Bridge maintenance

In 2018, Burnham Road Bride was improved.
Project location

Project status


Project details

Project description:

This project is a bridge improvement project. Improvements include repairs to the bearings on both ends of the bridge and replacement of approach panels.

Project location:

The project is located on the Burnham Road Bridge over Kenilworth Trail.

Construction date:

The project was originally scheduled to begin during the week of April 9, 2018. Due to the recent heavy snowfall and the forecast for more snow during the upcoming week, this project will be postponed for another week. The new tentative start date is April 25. (Updated: April 16, 2018)

Length of construction:

Approximately 4 weeks.

Traffic impact:

The bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic during these work activities. See the map above for suggested detour routes.

More information: Pedestrians and bicyclists will be allowed to use the bridge for most of the project duration. Similar impacts will take place on the Kenilworth Trail below the bridge. There will be times when there will be delays due to safety reasons. Part of the construction process will include raising the bridge from its permanent to temporary supports and returning it to its permanent supports. During these events, both the bridge and the area under the bridge, including the Kenilworth Trail, will be closed to both pedestrians and bicyclists for safety reasons. Other closures for pedestrians and bicyclists are not anticipated but may occur if safety reasons arise.

Project updates

Thursday, May 24, 2018: The project is complete.


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