Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan

We describe our plan that guides the City's racial equity work.

The Strategic and Racial Equity Action Plan (SREAP) identifies a set of operational and policy priorities that the City commits to significantly and sustainably improve through 2022. The plan aligns the work from City leadership to departments and defines goals at all planning levels which can be objectively measured and help inform resource decisions. SREAP builds on the City's Comprehensive 2040 Plan and informed components of the City’s 2020 budget.

The Comprehensive Plan, also known as Minneapolis 2040, is a set of interconnected policy ideas that the community has lifted up over the past two years for the City to pursue. Seven policy areas were selected as priorities for SREAP. The public priorities are: public safety, housing, & economic development. The internal operational priorities of the city are around diversifying the workforce, diversifying with whom the city spends money, using racially disaggregated data in decision making and engagement with diverse communities via Appointed Boards and Commissions (ABCs). These identified priorities will serve as guideposts to steer resource allocation across departments and inform policymaker decisions.

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