Application process

We outline all the steps in the process.
January - February


Program announcement

Each January, we open applications for the coming summer's internships.

When the window opens, submit your application

Watch for a letter and email from us by the end of February

  • This is how you will find out if you've been accepted into the program


March - April

Complete required orientation or training

Accepted students will be sent an email by February 27 about what to do next.

  • We'll send the dates of your training when we send your acceptance letter.
  • You must complete all training to be eligible for a paid Step Up experience.
  • All trainings will be online.
  • You must complete the training within your assigned two-week timeframe, but can work at your own pace.
  • After completion, eligible students can earn elective high school academic credit.

If you can't make your assigned training dates, contact us before those dates to reschedule if you want to remain an active participant.

May - June

Get ready for your paid summer Step Up experience

  • If you are matched with a paid internship, you will need to complete additional preparation steps. 
    • Summer internships run from mid-June to mid-August.
  • If you are not matched with a paid internship, or if you prefer an online summer experience, you can participate in our online Career Exploration Program. 
    • This is a 5-week paid online experience.
    • You can earn up to $600 and elective high school academic credits.

Read about our level one and level two internships

June - August

Launch your experience

  • 2023 Step Up internships begin June 20 and end August 18
  • The 2023 Step Up online Career Exploration Program will be announced soon.

Contact us

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