Help for damaged businesses

Resources for properties and businesses damaged during civil unrest.

If your building was damaged, you should first contact your insurance company to report the loss and follow the instructions given by claims personnel.

Map of properties damaged during civil unrest, initial report, June 11, 2020

Initial information on properties damaged due to the civil unrest that occurred in the Minneapolis during the week of May 25 - May 29, 2020 is available as an interactive map. Information was collected during citywide surveys conducted by the City of Minneapolis Office of Emergency Management.

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Minneapolis received an SBA Disaster Declaration

SBA Disaster Loans are available to businesses and homeowners/renters significantly impacted by civil unrest.

  • Loans can be used for to pay for costs not covered by insurance. Business owners, homeowners and/or renters can apply for property repairs and/or replacements (including cars). Business owners can also apply for working capital.
  • Loan limits depend on credit history, insurance coverage, and amount of damage sustained.
  • Applications are due Friday, October 2 (property damage), or Monday, May 3, 2021 (working capital).
  • Learn more and apply

Fire damage

If you are the owner, you can contact 311 for a copy of the incident report created by the Minneapolis Fire Department. You can file this report with your insurance claim.

After the Fire Department has left the building and finished its investigation, you should check your building for safety before going inside. Please do not enter any unstable structure. This is very dangerous.

Some things that make a property unsafe are issues like:

  • damaged walls
  • utilities not properly working
  • hazardous material (carcinogens)
  • debris

You will need to contact your insurance company about the next steps to take. They can discuss hiring a professional to assess the structural damage and hazard abatement, and secure the property. The professionals who assess the damage will provide guidance on safely entering the building and abating the damages.

Help filing a claim or to file a complaint

For additional support filing claims or to file claim complaints, businesses may contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Consumer Services Center. Center staff work to resolve disputes between consumers and the insurance industry informally.

The Consumer Services Center can be reached at 651-539-1600 or 800-657-3602.

For basic steps to take in the immediate aftermath of a loss, available in multiple languages, visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Property tax reassessment

If your property was damaged during recent civil unrest, you may be eligible for property tax relief. The Assessor's Office is reviewing reported damage.

If you have not heard from the Assessor's Office by June 26, 2020, contact the City Assessors Office.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has information on what to do if your property sustained 50 percent or more damage, or was destroyed. 

Repairing or rebuilding your business

If you have planned repairs, you can complete most permit applications online. For questions regarding the permit application and review process email us.

If you are exploring your options for rebuilding, and have questions about zoning or property use, contact Planning and Zoning.

Available vendors to assist with rebuilding

The City of Minneapolis Procurement Office has created a list of Target Market Program vendors. These are local, independently-owned small businesses who may be available for services related to repairs and rebuilding. Visit our Procurement Office for details, including information on how to get your own business added to this list.

See more details at Procurement Office

Status of business licenses

If you have a City of Minneapolis business license but have not been able to operate, you may be wondering about the status of your license. Your license will remain active, and no immediate action is needed from you. If at a later point, you need to make a change or withdraw your license, you should contact the Business Licensing office at 612-673-2080.

If you are not able to operate in your current location, but would like to reopen in a new location or with a different model, contact your Business License inspector to discuss options.

Rent and other expenses

If you rent space for your business and that space has been damaged or you are otherwise unable to pay rent, there are a few steps you should take.

  1. Check your lease for any language about the responsibilities of the property owner and commercial tenant in the case of property damage or mandatory closure.
  2. Talk to the property owner about your situation and see if you can identify an agreement.
  3. If you have other debts, such as a business loan or line of credit with a supplier, contact those creditors directly.

If you would like additional guidance on your specific situation, contact an attorney. LegalCORPS is offering free legal advice by phone to small businesses impacted by recent civil unrest.

Legal questions and assistance

Several organizations are providing pro-bono legal advice to businesses impacted by the civil unrest. Topics covered include insurance claims, lease agreements,and legal assistance.

City support and information

The City of Minneapolis has people you can talk to if you have additional questions.

Contact the Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP) to make sure that you can talk to an expert about your specific situation.

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