African American Commission on Economic Inclusion

African American community leaders provide direction and support to the Mayor and City leadership.

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The Commission is comprised of leaders from the business community and historic institutions. They will establish a feedback loop that is rooted in the Black community and unfiltered through the lenses of non-Black people. The scope of the African American Commission on Economic Inclusion extends well beyond the topic of recovery and is centered on economic inclusion, wealth creation, and implementation of precise solutions to the historic economic harms inflicted upon the community.


The Minneapolis African American Commission on Economic Inclusion Founding Members are:

  • Alfred Babbington-Johnson
  • Dorothy Bridges
  • Makeda Zulu-Gillespie
  • KB Brown
  • Tanessa Greene
  • Steven Belton
  • Stella Whitney-West
  • Marcus Owens
  • William “Bill” English
  • Adair Mosley
  • Leslie Redmond
  • DeVon Nolan
  • Kenya McKnight-Ahad
  • Tim Baylor
  • C. Terrence Anderson
  • Roxanne Anderson
  • Karl O. Benson
  • Rev. Billy Russell
  • Bishop Howell

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Minneapolis 311


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7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Monday – Friday