Watershed friendly practices for businesses

Learn about the rainleader disconnect program, best management practices, and state stormwater permits.

Rainleader Disconnect Program

Commercial buildings can have rooftop drains (also called rainleaders) which lead underground directly to the sanitary sewer system (rather than through gutters to lawns). Rainleaders typically drain down the side of a building, or internally through a roof drain stack, before discharging to the storm drain system.

These drains are a leading cause of Combined Sewer Overflows and must be disconnected.


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Best management practices

The Stormwater Best Management Practice Manual includes information about managing stormwater pollution for small urban sites.

State stormwater permits

Find the latest information about Minnesota's Stormwater Program. Under state rules, anyone who disturbs one acre or more of land with construction activity (including smaller sites that are part of a larger development) must obtain a permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

State stormwater related permits are also required if you operate a private or public industrial facility. If you have questions about state stormwater permits, call the MPCA Stormwater hotline at 800-657-3804 or (651) 757-2119, or see the MPCA Stormwater website.

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