Energy evaluation

An energy evaluation can help you reduce energy costs and consumption.


Designed for low-performing buildings (those with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or less), an energy evaluation:

  • Analyzes a building's performance
  • Identifies opportunities to improve overall energy efficiency
  • Can help reduce both energy costs and consumption

What to know

  • We review buildings by size group every five years.
  • Evaluations are valid for five years.
  • When free energy evaluation options are not available, we do not enforce the requirement.
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Evaluation process

Step 1

Find out if your building is eligible

We maintain a list of buildings that are eligible for an energy evaluation.

See eligible buildings list

Step 2

Choose one of four ways to comply


Earn an ENERGY STAR score in the top 75% of scores in the city, which includes:

  • Properties with scores of 75 and higher
  • If no score is available, achieve an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) rating in the bottom 75% of those in the city


Achieve a qualifying green building certification within past three years. These include ENERGY STAR, LEED Gold or Platinum, Minnesota B3 and others upon review.


Achieve a 20% or greater reduction in weather-normalized energy use intensity:

  • Over five years
  • With an initial baseline year of 2020 


Provide proof of an energy evaluation within the past five years.

The evaluation must either:

  • Meet American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Level 1 standards definition
  • Be an accepted tune-up or recommissioning as established by the Minneapolis Health Commissioner or their designee


Step 3

Submit report

After you get an energy evaluation, you must submit the evaluation report.

Submit report

Green Cost Share program

We encourage you to apply for the Green Cost Share program, which:

  • Provides matching funds from the City (25% match, up to $50,000)
  • Funds energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in your building
  • Gives priority to buildings that participate in the Energy Benchmarking program

Read about the Green Cost Share program

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