Diversion programs

We offer alternative resolutions for certain misdemeanor offenses.


Diversion is an alternative resolution for certain misdemeanor offenses that allow eligible persons charged with these offenses to avoid a criminal charge and/or conviction on their record by participating in programming designed to assist the person with avoiding future offenses.

Each program is different, but most diversion programs require the person in the program to: 

  • complete a class or classes; 
  • meet with persons affected by the crime; 
  • pay court costs and/or restitution; and 
  • complete community service.   

If a person successfully completes the requirements of the diversion program, the criminal charge(s) will be dismissed or not filed at all.

Depending on the type of charge and how it is submitted to the City Attorney’s Office by the police, diversion can be offered at three different stages:

  • Pre-Charge (before a citation or criminal charge is filed with the court)
  • Pre-Court (after the citation or criminal charge is filed but before the first court appearance)
  • In Court (after the first court appearance)


Diversion eligibility is determined based on type of criminal offense charged and the criminal history of the person charged.  The City Attorney's Office reviews all cases for diversion program eligibility.  If you have been issued a ticket or citation and believe your case is eligible for diversion and you do not yet have an attorney, please contact the diversion coordinator if you have not yet appeared in court on your case. 

If you have been issued a ticket or citation and believe your case is eligible for diversion and you have an attorney representing you, please speak to your attorney about the possibility of completing a diversion program. 

If you do not have an attorney, you can also talk with the prosecutor at your court appearance about diversions options.

Please see more details about elibility for each of our programs below.

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