Minneapolis Adopt-A-Drain Program

Minneapolis residents and businesses can help keep our waterbodies clean by adopting storm drains in their neighborhood and committing to cleaning them regularly.


When it rains, stormwater carries grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, paint, gasoline, motor oil, and animal waste directly into Minneapolis lakes, creeks, and the Mississippi River. Minneapolis residents and businesses have the opportunity to adopt storm drains in their neighborhood.

The adoption process is easy and quick, and you will be able to adopt or un-adopt storm drains instantly.

Getting started

Visit the website to create a user profile and password: https://MN.Adopt-A-Drain.org/

Start by clicking on either the big orange "Adopt a Drain" button, or the "Sign up" button at the upper right, or you can scroll down to the map farther down the page and pick a storm drain that way. After you select a drain, you will be prompted to give the drain a name and then fill out your contact information. Your public name is what other adopters will see. You can add a profile picture and choose whether you want to be contacted by the City of Minneapolis, as well as your local watershed organization.

You can also report how much material you collected and find tips on keeping your storm drains clean while staying safe at the same time. Once set up, take a moment to check out everything that the site has to offer.

What should I do with the material I collect?

  • Recycle anything possible (plastic, aluminum, glass or steel cans).
  • Compost leaves, grass and twigs in a backyard compost bin or set out for yard waste collection if you have the City garbage and recycling service.
  • Properly dispose of trash.
  • If you see material beneath the grate of your adopted storm drains, don't try to remove the grate. Call 311 and we will send a crew to resolve the issue.
  • Never put anything down a storm drain. It’s for rain and melting snow only. Be a champion and spread the word with your neighbors.

Additional information

If you have any questions:

  • Call the Minneapolis Adopt-A-Drain Hotline at 612-673-5522

If you want to help even more, consider adopting your street or block too. Visit Clean City Minneapolis for more information.

Thank you for keeping the storm drains clean and working to improve the waters of Minneapolis!

Contact us

Public Works

Surface Water and Sewers


24-Hour Hotline 612-673-5625

Stand-by employee 612-490-5568 (outside business hours)

Call 311 for non-urgent issues


7 a.m. to 3:30 pm

Call the sewer operations stand-by employee outside normal business hours.