What we do

Our Child Friendly City efforts focus on three primary areas of work.

Child rights education

We educate our community about child rights by creating:

  • Presentations
  • Activities
  • Events

We partner with Reach Out and Read to:

  • Bring the brain-building power of books to young children
  • Empower families to read together 
  • Give out free books to increase access to education

Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit that works with doctors and nurses across Minnesota. 

Learn more about the Reach out and Read program


We partner with the Minneapolis Youth Congress (MYC) to:

  • Ensure the perspectives of young people are included in their work
  • Encourage students in grades 8 to 12 to join MYC and make their voice heard

Read about the Minneapolis Youth Congress

Learn about MYC's work

Join MYC

Emergency management planning

We work to ensure that our city's emergency preparedness and management programs are child-friendly and focus on the needs of:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Their families
  • Their caregivers

Learn more about the work we're doing

See Minneapolis' Emergency Preparedness tips and resources

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