Avoiding parking tickets in Minneapolis

Information on how to avoid parking tickets in the City of the Minneapolis.

Know your signs

Red printing overrides any other information on signs.

No parking anytime

Indicates No Parking - A red circle with a slash often communicates the do not’s – enter, turn, u-turn, pedestrians or parking.


Bus stop

This indicates a Bus Stop in the direction of the arrow. This sign will be accompanied by a Metro Transit Bus Stop sign at the other end of the stop.


Disability parking only

State Disability Permit required on street or on private property.


No parking bike lane

Indicates No Parking Anytime for an on street bike lane.


No parking anytime

This sign Indicates No Parking Anytime in the direction of the arrows.


Multi-message sign

Combination sign – Arrows indicating direction of traffic. Right (curb) lane is a Bike Lane with No Stopping Anytime. The center lane is a parking lane with rush hour restrictions. The left lane is a regular traffic lane.

Additional parking tips

No parking within five feet of a driveway or blocking of driveway or alley entrance

The measurement starts at the curb cut at the end of the driveway apron.

Unattached trailers

All trailers parked on city streets must be attached to a vehicle in such a manner that the motor vehicle and trailer can be operated in a safe and legal manner without further attachment.

Commercial or overweight vehicles on residential street

No commercial vehicle or any vehicle with a gross weight of over 9,000 pounds may park in an area that is zoned residential unless actually engaged in a loading or unloading or providing a service at that location.

Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant

No vehicle shall park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.

Don't park within 20 feet of a crosswalk

No parking within 20 feet of a pedestrian crosswalk.

Abandoned vehicles

No vehicle may be parked over 72 hours without being moved. Vehicles that are missing vital parts shall not be parked on a city street and may be towed immediately.

Take your keys with you

When parking a passenger vehicle, the driver is required to lock the ignition and remove the keys.

Don't park on bridges

Parking is prohibited on all bridges. Bridges may not have no parking signs posted.

Vehicle registration

Current year tabs must be affixed to license plates by the tenth of the month following the expiration month.

Minnesota requires two license plates on passenger vehicles.

Parallel parking

Vehicles must be parked within 12" of the curb and parked the same direction of traffic flow.

School zones

Parking is prohibited near schools in posted zones during certain hours on school days. This is for the safety of the school children.


Churches may make special arrangements for funerals by contacting Traffic Control at 612-673-5300.

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