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Connecting the public with culturally specific, trauma informed services.

The Cultural Wellness Directory, formally known as ReCAST Connect, aims at connecting the Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities to a network of culturally specific practitioners who provide mental health and healing services as well as other forms of healing from trauma. This website has been developed in partnership with Cultural Wellness Center, Relationships LLC , and the African American Leadership Forum (AALF). Limited funding is available to increase the capacity of providers to provide support services to residents who are seeking services after a traumatic event that impacted them, their family member, or their community. Services should be aimed towards improving behavioral health outcomes, reducing trauma, supporting community change and creating systems change for more racially equitable outcomes. If you’ve completed step one and are interested in receiving seed funding please fill out the form.

The Cultural Wellness Directory

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Once you become a partner, your name will appear on the Cultural Wellness Directory. Residents will use the information provided to contact mental health specialists or community cultural healers in their neighborhoods. As a provider on the Directory, you are eligible to apply for funds. Providers listed on the Directory assume full responsibility for any and all damages that occur as a result of participating in this program. Community Cultural Healers, licensed mental health providers, agencies, organizations are asked to carry the appropriate and required insurance for their field of work. 

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