Northside Oral History

This project centers the stories of residents who have lived in the Penn/Plymouth area for decades.

The Northside Oral History Project – a community-based project that centers the stories of residents who have lived in the Penn/Plymouth area of North Minneapolis over the last 50 years. Through this work, the City’s Division of Race & Equity elevates the stories of resistance and resilience that have made the community what it is. The purpose of this project is to build greater trust and understanding between community residents and City staff and in so doing, build the capacity to create asset-based systems change.

There were two distinct phases of this project:

  • Phase 1: We worked with 4000 More Creative we captured the stories of 90 community elders. We recently concluded this phase as of April 2019. We extend appreciation and gratitude to our partners who made this success possible: Oak Park - Pillsbury United Communities, Masjid An Nur, Liberty Community Church, and Northside Residents Redevelopment Council.
  • Phase 2: We invited organizations and other applicable entities to design an art project that will tell these stories creatively. Projects could include: an exhibit, a mural, a teaching curriculum, a performance, music, or place-making feature. We intend on selecting up to 3 artists for this phase with budgets up to $25,000.

Through a community based, participatory voting process, four artists have been selected to turn stories collected from 90 community residents into art projects. Those artists included:

  • Bully Creative (docuseries)
  • Charles Caldwell (mural)
  • Franklin Middle School (mural)
  • McFarlane Media Interests (multimedia)

Northside Oral History- 2018 Stories

Northside Oral History- 2019 Stories

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