400 Year Commemoration Toolkit

Resources for the 400 Year Commemoration of Africans being brought to Jamestown, VA and forced into slavery.

Educational Toolkit

2019 marks the 400 Year Commemoration of Africans being brought to Jamestown, VA by the British and forced into slavery. While Africans had been enslaved in the Americas prior to this date, this commemoration gives us an opportunity to reflect on the lasting impact of this event, as well as to honor the legacy of resistance and liberation of African American people.
“Education is indoctrination if you are white, subjugation if you are black.” - James Baldwin.
From the time that most of us were small, we have learned one story about the history of slavery in this country. Most history books treat it as a blip in an otherwise pristine American timeline. The reality is that slavery is the very foundation upon which our nation was built and continues to thrive.
How much do we really know about it? How much do we know about the history of Africans before colonization and enslavement? How much do we know about the incidents that prompted colonization in the first place? How much do we know about the Africans who were enslaved who fought back, centering liberation and the promise of a better future? Do we understand the implications of slavery not just in the South, but in the North? Do we know how slavery continues through our policies and practices at a local, state, and national level?
The following toolkit aims to increase our knowledge and awareness. It will do what our history books did not do, providing us with the real truth about who we are, who we have been, and where we are going. Each section provides you with a couple of articles and videos for you to increase in your knowledge. These are followed by reflection activities and additional resources for deeper development.
Contextualizing the Moment
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History of people of African ascent
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Chattel slavery
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Invention of race
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How slavery continued
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Intentional loss of wealth
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Racism in Minnesota
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Black Resistance
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Gender & Sexuality
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