Minneapolis water meter replacement project

Learn about the city-wide project to replace all residential and commercial water meters.

Beginning in 2018, the City of Minneapolis is replacing 100,000 residential and commercial water meters as part of a project to upgrade the current water meter reading system. The project is expected to take five years to complete. The City has partnered with the manufacturer Aclara to assist with the meter-upgrade project. Both City and Aclara meter technicians will perform the work.

Why the City is replacing the meters and the meter reading system
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New customer benefits and features
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Minneapolis water meter replacement process

Meter replacement & installation process

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Step 1. Schedule an appointment
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Step 2. Prepare your meter
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Step 3. During the meter installation
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Where is my water meter?
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What types of meters does the City use?
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How does the City read the meter?
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What is a unit of water?
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Why is my consumption so high?
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How can the water meter tell me if I have a leak?
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Can I test the accuracy of my water meter?
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Can I have my meter tested for accuracy?
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