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The tap water we produce

  • The Mississippi River is our only water source.
  • We pump approximately 21 billion gallons of water from the Mississippi River each year. 
  • Many things are done to prepare the river water for drinking including softening, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. 
  • The softening plant removes about 65,000 lb of hardness from the river water each day. 
  • We perform approximtely 500 chemical, physical, and bacteriological tests daily. 
  • 1n 1957, we started adding fluroide to the water to help prevent tooth decay. 
  • Minnesota and Wisconsin farmers use the byproducts from our softening process. 
  • We produce an average of 57 million gallons of drinking water each day. That much water could fill Lake of the Isles in about four days. 

Our customers

Nearly a half million Minneapolis residents use about 40 percent of the water we produce each day.

WTDS also supplies water to the residents of Golden Valley, Crystal, New Hope, Columbia Heights, Hilltop, and Edina’s Morningside neighborhood. We also supplement Bloomington’s well water supply. These suburban customers use about 22 percent of the water we produce each day. 

Around 38 percent of our water is used for institutional, commercial and industrial purposes. The University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the Metropolitan Airport Commission, and the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center are our largest customers, and account for 5 percent of the total water sold by WTDS.


Our distribution system 

The WTDS distribution system consists of nine pump stations, eight finished water reservoirs (with a storage capacity of 162 million gallons), over 15,000 isolation valves, and a network of more than 1,000 miles of water mains. The water mains in Minneapolis could stretch from here to Denver! We take pride in our construction and maintenance practices, which keep our water infrastructure in good working order. Our distribution team routinely performs leak inspections, makes repairs, and cleans and lines our water mains. 

The water fund

Revenues and expenses related to treating, Water sales are the main source of revenue for WTDS. This money can only be used to prepare the water for drinking and to fund projects related to preparing and delivering the water. Water fund revenue cannot be used to pave streets, pay police officers, or to pay for any other City service. 

Have a question or need more information?

WTDS provides general treatment facts and figures upon request and distributes this information to schools, universities, and others as part of their presentations to many organizations. 

For additional information about tap water in general, please follow this link to the American Water Works Association website – DrinkTap.org

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