Sidewalk maintenance policy

We require that property owners build and maintain the public sidewalks along city streets (Minneapolis Code of Ordinance 427).

Public sidewalks are necessary in order to provide safe passage for pedestrians, including wheel-chair and other disabled users. Sidewalks also help maintain strong neighborhoods and prevent degradation of green space.

Sidewalk inspection occurs in a cycle of about once every 15 years and many addresses do not require repairs even that frequently. Due to the infrequency, many property owners are not aware of their responsibility for the cost of public sidewalk repair.

Property owners must maintain the public sidewalks in a safe, usable condition. If sidewalks are damaged as the result of private property construction or maintenance, property owners are required to restore them to full working order. See sidewalk repair options

If sidewalks are damaged through natural wear and tear or tree roots

Property owners have two options

  1. The City will provide a temporary, asphalt patch, free of charge until the sidewalks are ordered to be replaced, or
  1. The owner may replace the sidewalks by hiring a sidewalk contractor. The contractor will need to obtain a Sidewalk construction permit in order to do the work.

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