Traffic calming

You can learn how to request traffic calming, read about our new traffic calming process, and learn about projects
traffic circle in winter
Traffic circle
car approaching crosswalk bump out
Bump out at a crosswalk
car driving over speed hump
Speed hump on a residential street

Traffic calming projects

Traffic calming projects make traffic go slower and safer. They follow City policies like Vision Zero. Vision Zero aims to stop deadly and serious accidents on our streets. Some examples of traffic calming are:

  • Speed humps
  • Curb extensions
  • Traffic circles

In August 2022, the Minneapolis City Council agreed on a better way to do traffic calming on certain streets in neighborhoods. This new way is more open and fair and uses our resources better.

Read the Vision Zero initiative

Watch the presentation to the PWI Committee

In the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Report from January 2023 you will find:

  • Details about the new process
  • An application form
  • An updated toolbox
  • Information about how we rank the applications, and
  • A timeline for the annual process

View the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Report from January 2023

Request traffic calming

If you want traffic calming in your area, you can ask for it by filling out the online traffic calming application. It's open to everyone like residents, business owners,  and neighborhood or business organizations. You can do it online or if you need help, you can call Minneapolis 311. If you can't use the online form, you can print the Traffic Calming Application and send it by email or US mail. Only use the printed form if you can't use the online application.

View the online traffic calming application

Contact Minneapolis 311

View the printed traffic calming application

Applications can be submitted at any time, but September 1 is the deadline for consideration for the following year.

To view all of the applications submitted to date, visit the traffic calming request viewer interactive map.

See the traffic calming request viewer interactive map

2023 traffic calming projects

In the last year, the City collected requests for slowing down traffic from people who live, own property, or run businesses here. The City's team looked at each request and held open houses close to spots where locals were worried about traffic in Spring 2023. In these open houses, we heard about the exact traffic worries of people nearby. There was also a survey and an interactive map for anyone to share more thoughts with the team.

By doing this, we found some projects that will stop risky driving and make streets safer.

View the summary of project feedback

Visit the online map to view each of the 2023 traffic calming projects

Presentation on 2023 projects 

Watch the presentation


  • Early Fall 2022 - We received applications for safety improvements
  • Late Fall 2022 - We evaluated applications for safety improvements
  • Winter 2022-2023 - We selected projects based on application evaluation
  • Late Spring 2023 - Engagement Round 1: We collected neighborhood feedback on possible safety improvements
  • Early Summer 2023 - Preliminary Design: We collected additional data and made a design recommendation
  • Summer 2023 - Engagement Round 2: We will notify neighborhoods about the design recommendation
  • Late Summer - Early Fall 2023 - We will begin construction

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