Street lighting assessments

Learn about the petition process for street lighting assessments.

Street lighting special assessment petition

Petition process

Our Street Light Policy says that when a metal pole lighting system has come to the end of its useful service life, a petition will be sent to affected property owners to decide if the existing metal pole lighting should be:

Replaced - we install new metal street light poles and the cost is assessed to adjacent property owners, or

Removed - we remove the metal poles and install a new wood pole system that is paid for by general city property taxes.

The City of Minneapolis Street Light Policy recommends that 70% of the property owners in the assessable influence area should agree to the replacement and the assessment in order for the new metal pole lights to be installed.

We send petitions to the property owners and taxpayers who will be affected by an assessment. The petitions give information about the project, including photos and a layout of the approximate street light locations. 

If you get a letter in the mail, and are in support of the new metal poles and the assessment, you must sign and return the petition letter or e-mail a signed copy (postal and e-mail addresses will be included in the letter). 

If you do not respond by the date included in the letter (or you respond that you do not support the project), you will be counted as not supporting the new lighting project or the assessment. 

The total percentage of support and non-support will be given to the City Council as part of the public hearing and Council adoption process.

Recent petition results

You can find the results of street lighting assessment petitions.

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