Speed humps

The speed hump process is suspended and currently under review.


A speed hump is a rounded, raised area of pavement approximately twelve feet in length with a maximum height of approximately three inches, placed perpendicular to the traffic flow of the roadway. Speed humps are placed in pairs along the designated block.

Speed hump



Eligible roadways

All Minneapolis local streets (not currently designated as a "thru street" by City Council action) under the Public Works Department jurisdiction that meets the guidelines outlined below.

Not eligible roadways

All roadways within Minneapolis designated as County, State, or Federal Highways, State or County “Aid” roadways, Park Board roadways, or shared jurisdiction roadways, such as city limit boundary streets.


  1. Minimum roadway width shall not have less than a 9 ft. drive lane or a 7 ft. parking lane.
  2. The traffic volume for the roadway exceeds 300 vehicles per day.
  3. The average speed exceeds 20 MPH or more than 10 percent of traffic exceeds the speed limit.
  4. 75 percent of the property owners agreed to the speed humps.
  5. Minimum distance need between proposed speed hump and a… 

    A. Traffic Signal

    300 ft.

    B. Stop Sign

    150 ft.

    C. Other Traffic Calming Devices

    135 ft.

    D. Intersections

    100 ft.

    E. Driveways

    20 ft.

    F. Curves/Hills and Visual Impairments

    200 ft.

    G. Mid-block Crosswalks

    100 ft.

    H. Railroad Crossing

    200 ft.


The process involves a considerable amount of neighborhood involvement. The process should start by contacting the City to find out if the roadway is eligible. After determining roadway eligibility the requestor will be asked to put a petition together to determine if there is neighborhood support for speed humps. If there is support, potential locations along the block should be discussed with the City. After locations have been approved by the City, the residents of the block will be required to present a funding source and a final petition for the speed humps and their locations to the City before final City approval and installation.

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