Stormwater Credits Program

We offer reduced utilities fees to businesses and residents who help us manage stormwater.

Program Changes

We are currently updating our Credits Program. Our application period may be altered during 2021 while we work to clarify changes to the Program and update informational materials. Program changes and the 2021 application period information will be updated periodically on this webpage. Please check back periodically for updates.

Programs for businesses and residents 

Installing effective stormwater management practices helps the City address the challenges associated with stormwater runoff. It also is a way to partner with businesses and residents to help keep lakes, streams and rivers healthy. 

Property owners within the City who install and maintain these practices can apply to receive reductions in their monthly stormwater utility fees through our Stormwater Credit Programs.

Visit our section links below for more detailed information on the Stormwater Credit Program.

Stormwater Credits for Residential Properties - Single family homes up to tri-plex properties are eligible for this program

Stormwater Credits for Commercial Properties - All other property types are eligible for this program 

Quality and quantity credits

The programs offers ways to reduce their stormwater utility fee by implementing stormwater practices to manage their property’s stormwater quality or quantity.

  • Water Quality — Urban activities increase the potential for surface and groundwater pollution
  • Water Quantity — Less land to absorb stormwater means an increase in the volume of stormwater and the rate at which it flows into the storm drain system

You can earn

  • Up to 50% credit reduction in your stormwater utility fee for management tools that address stormwater quality
  • 50% or 100% credit reduction in your stormwater utility fee for management tools that address stormwater quantity
  • Maximum credits are cumulative and cannot exceed 100% credit

Contact us

Danielle Schumerth

Stormwater Credits Program Coordinator
Public Works Department