Neighborhoods 2020 community engagement findings

Information about the Neighborhoods 2020 community engagement findings in Minneapolis.

In 2017, NCR, the Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and neighborhood organizations held seven community conversations across the City. Five meetings were organized as partnerships between neighborhood organizations, the two other meetings actively engaged the Lao and Hmong communities and the Latino and American Indian Communities respectively.

2020 draft summary of findings

Three primary questions were asked in several different formats.  Please note that this is a draft and is subject to change.

  • What services, opportunities and information should neighborhood organizations provide?
  • What are the characteristics of an effective neighborhood organization?
  • How can neighborhood organizations empower engagement?

Draft Summary of Findings Report  (9-06-17)

Raw Data Spreadsheet  (9-06-17)

The information collected from the 2017 community engagement was used to draft the Roadmap for Neighborhoods 2020. View the roadmap itself, along with the public comments received in 2018 about the roadmap and it's presentation to City Council here.

What you will find in the data spreadsheet

The data in the spreadsheet was generated in one of three ways:

  • At six of the seven meetings, participants had a series of small group conversations, and were asked to conclude each set of conversations by writing down their top three ideas on separate sticky-notes. They were then asked to identify their favorite note of the three. A total of 697 comments were generated at the meetings.
  • At the Harrison Community meeting with the Lao and Hmong community members, NCR staff generated notes based on comments, following translation of discussion. A total of 20 comments were generated at this meeting.
  • People could respond to a survey in which the same three questions were asked. However, some respondents provided more than one comment per question. Where it appeared that more than one comment was intended by the respondent, then it was treated as separate comments. A total of 119 comments were generated through the survey.

How the data is organized

There are ten columns of data, columns A through J.

Date (Column A)               Shows the dates of the meeting where the comma was generated, or if the comment was generated through the survey.

Question (Column B)        Column B identifies which question generated the comment:

1. What services, opportunities and information should neighborhood organizations provide?

2. What are characteristics of an effective neighborhood organization?

3. How can neighborhood organizations empower engagement?

Comment (Column C)       Column C contains the comment itself.

Level (Column D)              Column D notes whether the comment was identified as a favorite idea during a conversation, or was generated as a post-it note, or survey. Notes from the  Harrison Community Center meeting are identified as the equivalent of sticky-notes.

Theme (Column E)            Data in this column identifies themes that NCR staff used to label this comment. NCR staff first organized comments by grouping identical or very similar  comments identified as “favorites” during community conversations, and used these groupings to identify common themes. Remaining comments were grouped  and further subcategorized within these broader themes. For the Summary of Findings, one of the “favorite” comments was used to label that theme.

Subcategory (Column F)   Data in this column identifies subcategories that NCR staff used to organize data within each them. Within each theme, NCR staff first organized similar or related  comments together to identify common subcategories.

Ques sort (Column G)       Data in this column is used to sort comments by the question that most frequently generated comments within this category. As a general rule, when more than  half of comments within a theme were generated from one question rather than others, than all related comments are treated in this column as supporting data for  a theme related to that question.

Cat sort# (Column H)        Data in this column is generated by NCR staff to help sort data according to themes. Each theme is assigned a letter of the alphabet, according to the order in  which they appear in the Summary of Findings As a general rule, the more comments related to a particular theme, then that earlier that theme will appear earlier  in the summary. The letter designation also identifies the related appendix.

Sub sort (Column I)           Data in this column is generated by NCR staff to help sort data to keep related comments together while sorting according to theme and subcategory.

Sub sort 2 (Column J)       Data in this column is generated by NCR staff to help further sort comments if needed.

Additional comments:

Final Thoughts and Open Ended Comments  (9-06-17)

In addition to the raw data in the spreadsheet, NCR received written comments in a variety of forms:
• Participants in the Neighborhoods 2020 community conversations were encouraged to fill out “Final Thoughts” comments cards at the end of each event. 25 comments were provided through these comment cards.
• One comment was received via email.
• Online survey participants could provide open-ended answers in a "Final Thoughts question." 25 of 31 respondents provided additional comments.

City Hall Luncheon Conversations
Lunch Conversation City Staff 1  (10-17)
Lunch Conversation City Staff 2  (10-17)
Lunch Conversation City Staff 3  (10-17)
Lunch Conversation Electeds and Staff (10-17)

SUN Neighborhoods Feedback
Sun Project Recommendations


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