Neighborhood Revitalization Program

We provide funding for neighborhood organizations in Minneapolis.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program funding

The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP):

  • Makes the city's residential areas better places to live, work, learn and play
  • Is an investment program based on the belief that our city is a better place when we:
    • Empower residents
    • Mobilize untapped resources, energy and creativity
  • Provides funding to neighborhood organizations

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Neighborhood action plans

Neighborhood organizations create neighborhood action plans to plan how NRP funds will be used. These plans can be adjusted using the plan modification process.

Plan modification approval process

Read updated the NRP plan modification process. This updated process was approved in May 2021. See the record of the new policy's approval in the LIMS system.

Minneapolis neighborhood organizations’ guide to neighborhood plan modifications

Learn more about the NRP Policy Board

Stay up to date on NRP Policy Board activities by visiting the NRP Policy Board page on the Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) here. The next NRP Policy Board meeting will be on April 6 at 4:30 p.m.

The process of preparing a neighborhood action plan
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NRP concept and history

In 1987, with signs of neighborhood decline in Minneapolis becoming increasingly apparent, the Mayor and City Council created a Task Force that reported in May 1988 that physical revitalization of Minneapolis neighborhoods was badly needed and would cost over $3 billion. The Task Force urged the City to initiate a citywide planning effort with guidance from neighborhood residents.

In May 1989 an Implementation Committee proposed a revitalization program that would "protect" fundamentally sound neighborhoods, "revitalize" those showing signs of decline and "redirect" those with extensive problems. Later that year, a Technical Advisory Committee of key local government staff endorsed a process that encouraged the jurisdictions serving Minneapolis to work together to use existing resources to support addressing neighborhood priorities.

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