Common questions about plan adjustments

Answers to common questions about how to make changes to your neighborhood plans.

What is a neighborhood plan?

A neighborhood plan identifies investments that residents believe will meet the most critical needs in their neighborhood and create the greatest community engagement outcomes and neighborhood improvements.

What is a plan adjustment?

As neighborhoods grow and change, their needs and objectives may also change. Neighborhoods use the plan adjustment process to formally request a change to some part of their neighborhood plan.

Which funding streams can be included in a plan adjustment?

  1. Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Phase I and Phase II: You can continue to adjust these funds via the plan modification process. An NRP plan modification, also called a plan mod, follows distinct policies governing NRP funds that might differ from other neighborhood funding policies.
  2. Equitable Engagement Fund (EEF): You can adjust this funding during the budget year through the plan adjustment process.
  3. Citywide Neighborhood Network Fund (CNNF): You can adjust this funding during the budget year through the plan adjustment process.

When do you need to complete a plan adjustment?

Whether you must complete a plan adjustment depends on which previously approved plans you are making changes to.

NRP plan

To make changes to your approved NRP plan, you must use the formal NRP plan modification process if your request will:

  • Substantially revise or remove an existing goal, objective or strategy in the plan.
  • Add a new goal, objective or strategy.
  • Reallocate any funds between approved strategies.
    • If you reallocate less than $25,000, board approval is required.
    • If you reallocate more than $25,000, you must have both board approval and broad-based community support for the change. You need to have at least 25 votes or expressions of support from community members, not including members of the board.
    • If you reallocate more than $200,000, you need NRP Policy Board approval.

For more detailed information on the formal NRP plan modification process, please read Changing Approved Neighborhood Plans.

Equitable Engagement Fund or Citywide Neighborhood Network Fund related plans

You must complete a plan adjustment for EEF or CNNF related plans if your request:

  • Adjusts an approved budget by 20% or more (or $5,000, whichever figure is less).
  • Adds a new project or program to its neighborhood engagement plan, regardless of any budget changes.

How do you start the plan adjustment process?

It’s never too early to start talking with your neighborhood support specialist about a plan adjustment. They are a great resource for learning about the process and how to navigate it.

Look up your neighborhood support specialist

You should also consider how you can engage residents to identify neighborhood needs and decide which projects or plans will be the most beneficial for your community. Outreach, surveys and focus groups can provide valuable insights as you shape your plan.

Regardless of how you begin the process, be sure to contact your neighborhood support specialist before the proposed adjustment is reviewed by the neighborhood organization board or neighborhood residents.

What type of engagement or support is needed for a plan adjustment?

Depending on the amount of funding tied to the adjustments in the plan, the amount of stakeholder engagement required will vary. Stakeholders may include residents, businesses, and property owners. You can find the details in the NRP Changing Approved Neighborhood Plans policy. Please note that all plan adjustments must be approved and submitted by the neighborhood organization board.

Why are there questions on the form about equitable engagement?

Community input and community-driven priorities have always been an important part of all plan adjustments. Thinking through and strategizing your plan adjustment through a lens of equitable engagement can help ensure all residents, including those who have historically been under-engaged, are a part of organizational decisions about funding and priorities.

How long does it take for NCR to approve a plan adjustment?

The time needed to complete a plan adjustment will vary based on the amount of funding involved and whether it’s part of an existing or new neighborhood goal, objective or strategy. Minor changes may be approved within a week or two, while those that require NRP Policy Board or City Council approval can take between one and four months.

How do I learn about my neighborhood’s priorities and the funds available?

You can see a snapshot of neighborhood funding online through PlanNet. To view your snapshot:

  1. Visit the City's online neighborhood organization lookup tool.
  2. Choose your neighborhood from those listed.
  3. Under the heading labeled “Reports & Plans,” select “NRP/CPP Plan Status.”
  4. A new window will open with a report.

You can jump to reports for NRP Phase I or II, Community Participation Program (CPP), EEF and CNNF (Neighborhoods 2020) via links near the top of the screen.

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