Neighborhood Election Day

Information about neighborhood organization board elections and other ways to get involved in your neighborhood on annual Neighborhood Election Day.

About Neighborhood Election Day

Neighborhood Election Day, or simply Neighborhood Day, is the day when neighborhood organizations across Minneapolis hold elections for their board of directors or host activities to get new neighbors involved in the neighborhood. You can get involved by voting, running for your neighborhood board, joining a committee or volunteering in some other way.

When is Neighborhood Election Day

May 13, 2023

What neighborhood organizations are doing

Aside from holding board elections, many neighborhood organizations are hosting gatherings or creating other opportunities for you to get involved in your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods will hold board elections on other dates. Look up your neighborhood organization's contact information and website to see how your neighborhood is participating.

See what your neighborhood organization is doing

Find out what your neighborhood organization is doing for Neighborhood Election Day and get involved.

Look up your neighborhood

Find out what neighborhood you live in according to your address.

How to get involved

You can get involved by running for a board seat, voting in your board election or by reaching out to your neighborhood organization.

How to vote on Neighborhood Election Day

Join your neighborhood organization's meeting and the organization will provide you with a ballot and instructions. Contact the neighborhood organization or check their website for a voter guide with information about the candidates.

Why vote for your neighborhood organization board

Neighborhood boards are important local forces for change. They make investments and decisions about your community. You can make sure the board members making these decisions and setting priorities for neighborhood organization activities represent you by voting in board elections.

How to run for your board

Some organizations request an application ahead of time, but all neighborhoods allow nominations on election day.

Follow your organization’s process. In many cases, this includes attending the annual meeting and giving a statement about why you want to be on the board.


You can run for your neighborhood organization's board if you live in the neighborhood. In many cases, you can also run if you're a business owner or work in a neighborhood. Check with the organization to find out if there is a seat available for non-residents.

Why you should run for the board

Serving on your neighborhood organization board is a great way to get to know your neighbors and help guide projects and programs that will make your neighborhood better place to live, work or visit.

If you're still deciding if you want to serve on your neighborhood board:

  • Request a meeting with your neighborhood organization’s executive director, coordinator or board members
  • Ask questions to understand board member expectations and responsibilities
  • Start going to your neighborhood organization’s monthly meetings and events
  • Volunteer at neighborhood events and get to know other volunteers and community members

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