Community Support Agriculture farm shares

Community Support Agriculture (CSA) farm share program provides employees access to CSA farm shares onsite and at a discounted rate.

CSA farm share

City of Minneapolis employees can get fresh, locally grown produce delivered weekly to a drop-off location by joining the City's community supported agriculture (CSA) program. When employees become a member, they purchase a “share” of vegetables in advance from a local farmer, and during the summer the farmer delivers a weekly share of produce to their drop-off site. Forming a relationship with a CSA farm helps employees eat healthy and support small farms and the local economy.

The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) is the farm participating in this year’s CSA program.   The HAFA farm is a 155-acre farm located in Vermillion, MN. HAFA draws its membership from a large pool of established among farmers in the Twin Cities, including hundreds of farmers who are long term members of the growers associations connected to the Saint Paul and the Minneapolis farmers markets.

Learn more

 To learn more about the City’s CSA program:

  • Visit HAFA's website and learn about their seasonal shares. City employees will be eligible for a 20% discount on total cost of one share.

Sign up for a share

Sign up for the Hmong American Farmers Association CSA on its website.


  1. Click on this link:
  2. Select a share: spring, summer or fall.
  3. Select the preferred size of share: half or full.
  4. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  5. Choose a delivery location. City Hall and Park Board headquarters are reserved for City and Park Board employees.
  6. Click “+ Add Coupon” and enter the coupon code MSPCSA20 then hit “Apply.” You can use the discount code for one spring, summer or fall share.
    Click “Go to Checkout.”
  7. Review the membership agreement, and check the box to agree.
  8. Select your payment option: pay in increments or pay in full.
  9. Click “Complete Order” to enter your payment details and complete your order.

Deadlines and prices

SeasonSign-up deadlineItems Per weekFeedsCost per share (before discount)Cost per weekly box


May 16- June 10

April 15

Half share: 5-6 items

Full share:  Not available

Half share: 2-4 people

Full share:  Not available

Half share: $120

Full share:  Not available

Half share: $30

Full share: Not available


June 13- Sept. 12

May 13

Half share: 6-8 items

Full share:  8 -10 items

Half share: 2- 4 people

Full share:  5-7 people

Half share: $375

Full share:  $504

Half share: $31.25

Full share:  $42 per weekly box


Sept. 12 - Oct. 21

August 12

Half share:  6-8 items

Full share:  8-10 items

Half share: 2-4 people

Full share:  5-7 people

Half share:  $276

Full share:  $300

Half share:  $46

Full share:  $50

City employee discount

Stride, the City employees' wellness committee, is offering City employees who participate in the CSA program 20% off the cost of a summer or fall (half or full) share.  If you take advantage of the discount, the subsidy amount will be included in your taxable income and is subject to federal, state, Social Security and Medicare taxes.  The amount you will be taxed is determined by the W-4 allowances you selected. 

If you have questions about the CSA, contact Sarah Gonzalez Blanco.

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