What we do

We focus on climate change and environmental justice.


The purpose of sustainability is to:

  • Make the best use of our city's resources today
  • Leave a healthy environment for future generations

We make progress by:

  • Tracking and addressing climate change (a warming planet) 
  • Understanding how we deplete our natural resources through things like:
    • Energy use
    • Pollution
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Changing how we do things to preserve our natural resources

We focus on:

  • Preparing for climate change
  • Reducing the impact of climate change
  • Environmental justice


Smoking billowing from factory chimneys

We're changing how we do things

We're working with city leaders to establish environmentally-friendly policies for how we: 

  • Operate our buildings
  • Use our vehicles
  • Grow our food

These changes improve our environment, enhance our health and revitalize the economy.

Aerial view of Mississippi River and Minneapolis skyline

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Minneapolis Sustainability


Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave S., Room 520
Minneapolis, MN 55415