Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council

The council includes 25 diverse community members who want to improve our local food system. We advise the City Council.
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Acting on our vision

We are in the first phase of implementing a 10-year vision to improve our City's food systems.

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We encourage residents to get involved in our work.

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About our work


The Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council envisions a vibrant local food system that:

  • Enhances the health of all residents
  • Protects the earth
  • Increases economic vitality
  • Expands social connectedness
  • Improves food security


Support all Minneapolis residents by working to:

  • Increase access to quality food
  • Address hunger and food insecurity
  • Connect sectors of the food system
  • Influence policy and decision-making
  • Ensure an environmentally sustainable and socially just food system


  • Foster City-community partnerships
  • Convene and engage diverse stakeholders 
  • Provide ongoing guidance to the City on local food issues
  • Serve as a platform for collaborative and coordinated action

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Minneapolis Health Department




Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave. S., Room 520
Minneapolis, MN 55415