Special Operations Division

We plan, equip and train the special operations forces to respond to emergencies.


Responding to unusual emergencies

The mission of the Special Operations Division is to plan, equip, and train the special operations forces to respond to emergencies that fall outside the normal fire and rescue calls, including:

  • Fires, emergency operations, rescues, hazardous materials and chemical/biological incidents.
  • Terrorism and domestic attack incidents.
  • Haz-Mat, Collapse, Urban Search and Rescue, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue.Minnesota Task Force 1 (MN-TF1)

Minnesota Task Force 1 is a highly specialized urban search and rescue (USAR) team. MN-TF1 is a State of Minnesota resource developed to assist with emergencies requiring special skills. The team works for and supports local response agencies. 

MN-TF1 specialists come from several public safety organizations, including: 

  • Minneapolis Fire Department
  • Dakota County Special Operations Team
  • Edina Fire Department
  • Rochester Fire Department

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