Fire risk reduction

We help community member reduce fire risks through our fire safety and prevention programs.

Fire fascinates children. Some start to play and experiment with fire. This can be dangerous to deadly. Early intervention can curb this behavior. Fire setting often follows when children have matches, lighters or gasoline in their possession or easy access to those items.

Be aware

  • Children as young as two can start fires by striking a match
  • Many of the fires that kill children are set by children
  • About half of child fire-setting cases in homes start in a bedroom
  • Most fires caused by children are started with lighters and matches
  • Lighters and matches should be locked up and out of the reach of children

Non-emergency services

We provide many non-emergency services and take part in community events, through programs and activities like:

  • Fire cadet program
  • Station tours
  • Neighborhood events/rig visits
  • Emergency response training for the public
  • Health fairs

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