Providers selection process

You can explore the selection process for eligible employment providers.

How it works

Every five years, we issue a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) to select community-based providers. These providers deliver employment and training services to diverse job seekers in Minneapolis. The most recent RFP awarded was in fall of 2020 for the 2021-2025 period. When we select the agencies, we put them on a Minneapolis Employment and Training Eligible Providers List.

View the 2021-2025 Eligible Provider List for Minneapolis Employment and Training Service

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What makes an eligible provider

The Minneapolis Workforce Development Board (MWDB) determines what makes an eligible provider.

The MWDB prioritizes:

  • Diversity and equity
  • Pathways to high-demand careers
  • Living wages and benefits
  • Long-term retention for participants served in our programs
Eligible providers must show financial management expertise/capacity. This includes:
  • Appropriate accounting systems and practices
  • Accurate time- and record-keeping
  • Compliance with federal Uniform Guidance and other specific grant requirements
  • Internal controls, including written policies and procedures for funds management

Learn more about the Uniform Guidance

RFP criteria

The criteria used to evaluate the proposals include:

  • Quality, thoroughness, and clarity of proposal.
  • Level of experience/expertise in the provision of employment services.
  • How well the experience and capacity of agency meets department objectives.
  • Financial accountability and capacity of agency, including submission of all requested documents on the Fiscal/Financial Information form.

A review panel evaluates the responses to the RFP'sThe review panel then presents its recommendations to the MWDB, and the Minneapolis City Council makes the final approval. This panel is comprised of MWDB members or individuals familiar with federal, state and local workforce development requirements.

2021-2025 RFP

For the most recent RFP, the scope of services included:

  • Outreach to adult or youth job seekers, particularly those who face barriers in the labor market
  • Program eligibility determination
  • Assessments of job seekers’ interests, knowledge, abilities, skills, and/or training needs
  • Client/participant/job seeker career planning, case management and wrap-around services
  • Employer engagement leading to defined job placement opportunities
  • Job placement assistance for participants
  • Employment retention services and follow up services

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