Electric vehicles in Minneapolis

Read the benefits and resources for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle benefits

  • Electric vehicles cost less to run than gas-powered vehicles; electricity costs 2 to 3 cents per mile – that’s about 75 percent less than gas. In addition, fewer moving parts means less maintenance.
  • Locally generated energy reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels.
  • With more than a third of Minnesota’s air pollution coming from cars and trucks, electric vehicles can be part of solving some of our air pollution problems as they emit no tailpipe pollution.
  • Electric vehicles emit less greenhouse gases than conventional vehicles per mile traveled, and can be powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Electric cars are quiet, reducing noise pollution.
  • New technology is an opportunity for new green jobs in the region.

Choosing an electric vehicle

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles use battery-stored electricity for energy or to improve the fuel efficiency of conventional vehicle designs.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Public locations to charge your electric vehicle

There are a total of 39 charging stalls available at City ramps. To guarantee a sustainable energy source, the City and MnDOT have purchased wind credits from Xcel Energy for these charging stations. Drivers pay the parking rates for the ramps and for the electricity used – about $3.20 for a “full tank.” The electricity rates are $0.80 an hour, and a full vehicle charge takes approximately four hours. Proceeds cover the electricity costs and will also be used to pay for upkeep and fund future charging stalls. Charging stations are available at the following City of Minneapolis parking ramps: 

  • Ramp A – 20 charging stalls
  • Ramp B – Eight charging stalls
  • Leamington ramp – Eight charging stalls
  • Haaf ramp, 424 Fourth St. S. --Three charging stations

Charging your vehicle at home

If you would like to charge your vehicle at home, you can install electric vehicle supply equipment on your property. Many drivers of all-electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) charge their vehicles overnight at home using AC Level 1 or AC Level 2 charging equipment. To install a charger, you will need to find a certified contractor or obtain an electrical permit.

See the what's involved with getting an electrical permit

You may be able to save money by charging your vehicle at night using Xcel Energy's EV Rate Plan.

Live in an apartment? Learn about potential multi-family housing charging options.

For more information on residential, multifamily, or workplace charging, view the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

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