Stakeholder teams

Community advisory bodies guide our work.

Our committees and commissions

The Sustainability Division convenes several advisory bodies that provide invaluable feedback, policy development and ideation to the Sustainability staff and City Council.

Community Environmental Advisory Commission

Active since 1990, the Community Environmental Advisory Commission (CEAC) provides assistance and advice to the city's efforts with its principal focus on sustainable development. The committee has 19 members including residents, representatives from environmental advocacy groups, technical environmental experts, businesses, and local agencies.

In 2021, CEAC will meet the third Wednesday of the month from 5:00-7:00pm. All meetings are open to the public and will be held virtually until further notice. The agendas and minutes are available online in PDF format.

View the CEAC meeting agendas and minutes 

Energy Vision Advisory Committee

The Energy Vision Advisory Committee (EVAC) provides feedback to the Clean Energy Partnership Board to assist in pursuing the goals of the Clean Energy Partnership and Minneapolis Climate Action Plan. The advisory committee includes representatives from critical communities within the City, such as, but not limited to business, neighborhoods, environmental justice, and technical experts.

Per the Clean Energy Partnership Agreements, EVAC is charged with reviewing and providing feedback on the biennial work plan and measurement and performance reports; providing feedback on special initiatives as requested by the Board; and, communicating to members' respective constituencies about EVAC and Board decisions and activities.

 Visit Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership

Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council

To continue to advance Homegrown Minneapolis, the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council works to support all Minneapolis residents and increase access to quality food, address hunger and food insecurity, connect sectors of the food system, influence policy and decision making, and ensure an environmentally sustainable and socially just food system.

Southside Green Zone Council

The City of Minneapolis Southside Green Zone was created by the City Council resolution on April 28, 2017. In 2017, the Southside Green Zone Task Force was charged with developing an action-oriented Work Plan specific to the Southside Green Zone, which includes the greater Phillips community and Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

The Southside Green Zone Task Force met monthly from October 2017 through August 2018. The Southside Green Zone Council will pick up where the Task Force left off, with a two-year appointment starting May 2019. Agendas and meeting notes are available on the Southside Green Zone webpage.

Northside Green Zone Task Force

The City of Minneapolis Northern Green Zone was created by the City Council Resolution Designating Green Zones on April 28, 2017. It exists to address the environmental justice overburden in North and Northeast Minneapolis and design and implement a plan of action to improve environmental and population health, and social, economic and environmental justice.

The Northern Green Zone Task Force meets the second Wednesday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at locations alternating between North and Northeast Minneapolis. Agendas and meeting notes are available at Northern Green Zone.

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